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5th & 6th Gr Boys BB Schedule
Picture Day is Sept 27th
Secret Santa/ Boe Bot Fundraising Kickoff
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we need you!  LM Summer Program Volunteer dates for elementary  games
​​The Sophomore and Freshman Fundraiser is set for September 10, 2022!  Signup for the contests early by contacting the Litchville-Marion High School, Mr. Berntson or myself (Dave Handt) !   First 16 teams or 16 individuals depending on the event will be entered! Reserve your spot today! The Movies will be:  The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  (PG-13) ----9:00 pm The Dukes of Hazzard (PG-13)  ---approximately 11:00 pm ( By a vote of public and LMHS Students--Grease was second, American Graffiti and Smoky and the Bandit were distant considerations!)  If we receive undesirable weather we will have a plan to move things inside?! But hopefully it will be a sunny great day and a beautiful evening!  If you plan on camping out ( available for $30/site)  contact us early to secure a camping/car site!   Any questions please free to contact us!  Have a great week and Keep Smiling!!
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Back To School Carnival Monday, August 15th LMES 5:30-6:30 Meet and Greet with Free Supper 6:30-8:00 PTO Carnival
Summer swimming lessons at the Gaukler in Valley City.  Students are swimming to the edge of the pool.
picture of four kids dancing around a campfire