Good Afternoon!

Amid the snow and sleet we received notification that our Junior Varsity LifeSmarts Group, ( The Rambling Wreck), made up of 8th Graders achieved 1st Place in the October  Team Quiz ! Octobers Team Quiz dealt with Personal Finance! 

The National Consumers League will send out a check for $100 to our group to use to support our LifeSmarts activities in the coming months!!

Great job by this Team as well as the other two (2) teams at our school in the Varsity Competition! (The Money Hounds and The Destroyers) All teams are being very competitive!

Great Job all!!!! 


Keep Smiling!

PS: Just a reminder we are always accepting donations of support for our Secret Santa Activity! The Shopping day is right around the corner!!! Happy Holidays in November! So much to be thankful for!!