Good day everyone,   

I am writing this to give everyone an update on our building project. It is exciting to see the progress being made on the project. When doing a project of this magnitude there are always challenges, but I feel ours is coming along nicely.  


Right now, they are installing cabinets and flooring in both the high school and elementary wings. The locker rooms are nearly complete as well as the other areas. The commons area, kitchen, and offices are also taking shape. The gym, which was not part of the bid, is all set for remodel this summer. Due to time constraints this summer, we have already removed the bleachers and hope to get the gym painted before graduation. We had to do this since the new wood floor will be installed in early June.  


The daycare seems to be the area we hear the most questions about. The daycare portion of the buildings is looking good and will certainly be ready to move this summer for the August opening. The daycare committee has done a lot of work since there is a lot of paperwork when starting a daycare center. It is a lot more involved since we are getting licensed as a center (meaning we can have over 19 children in the center.)  After doing a lot of research, we feel it is best to run our daycare as a 5013c non- profit. It will be good once we have it in place, but it is a fair amount of work up front since we are also dealing with the federal side by applying to be a non- profit. We are currently working on schedules and rates needed to make the daycare operate. It will be a non -profit but the school cannot use “school” money to operate the daycare. Having said that, we are hoping to keep rates affordable since we will operate as a non-profit. We will tell you soon when we will have an informational meeting for interested parents and community members. Thank you for filling out the survey that was sent out for planning purposes.  


As soon as school is out the remodel of the existing high school will begin. Actually, a lot of work has already been done in this area during school breaks. It will be a busy summer, but we are feeling pretty good about starting next year in the new building. One this is certain; it is a great time to be in the Litchville – Marion School District.  


Have a great day, or not, the choice is yours 

Tom Nitschke 

Litchville Marion School Superintendent