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About Us

Litchville and Marion School Districts entered a trial merger in 1993-94 school year. We consolidated into School District 46 in 2002. School District 46 encompasses land from the east at Kathryn, to the west at Adrian; and from the north at I-94 to as far south as LaMoure. We have students attending our school from Adrian, Dickey, Kathryn, LaMoure, Litchville, Marion, Montpelier, and Sanborn.

Grades Pre-Kindergarten to Fifth grade go to school at the building in Litchville. Grades 6 through 12 go to the school in Marion. We have two shuttle buses which transport students between schools.
picture of Litchville Marion Elementary sign out front of elementary building

We have 77 students in grades K-5, with 9 students enrolled in the preschool program in Litchville, as well as 52 students in grades 6-12 in Marion.

Litchville is in Barnes County. It is located five (5) miles west of State Highway 1. From the Junction of State Highway 1 and State Highway 46, we are five miles west and one mile north. To locate the school building, our address is 304 6th Avenue. We are northeast of the water tower landmark or three blocks east from Main Street and one block north.

Marion is in LaMoure County. It is located 10 miles west of Litchville or 15 miles west of the Junction of State Highway 1 on State Highway 46 and one mile south on County Road 61. To locate the school building, it can be seen from the east entrance to town to the southwest. Turning right off County Highway 61, you go two blocks west, turn left and two blocks south.