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Litchville-Marion School Foundation

Partnering together for student success!

Big Dreams

In the Spring of 2022, voters in the Litchville-Marion School District approved a building addition and renovation of the current high school. With their YES vote, district residents sent a message regarding the value of their students’ education and the positive impact that a strong school, built for the 21st century, could offer to their communities.

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Why a foundation?

It became clear that some items in the building project could be accomplished more economically through fundraising, which would eliminate architect and risk-management fees and keep tax dollars on education-focused projects.

In order to provide the best giving options for donors, the school board established the Litchville-Marion School Foundation, managed by the North Dakota Community Foundation, a nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation under IRS code 501©(3).

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We know there are businesses and alumni outside our district who agree: Litchville-Marion students are worth the investment!



Gym Upgrades | $175,000

Spaces like the school gym are not merely for sports—they provide a gathering space for community activities and productions of all types. The upgraded gym will allow LM's facility to be of better use to the community, the school, and the coop. The plans for renovation will include installing retractable bleachers and replacing the tile floor with a wood floor with lines for basketball and volleyball.


New Playground | $180,000

The expanded school site in Marion will house elementary students for the first time since mid-90s. Because there have not been young students there in so long, there is no playground equipment at the Marion school site. LM is raising approximately $180,000 for a new playground that will have equipment suitable for all ages and abilities. 

Two ways to give:

1) I need a tax receipt for my gift...

Send a check to NDCF with "LM School Non-Endowment" in the memo line. Mail to:

PO Box 387
Bismarck, ND 58502


Click this button to donate online right now!

2) I DO NOT need a tax receipt for my gift...

LM Public School can receive your donation directly at:

Litchville-Marion Public School
ATTN: Foundation
104 2nd Street 
Marion, ND 58466

Your gift matters!

Your gift to our school foundation directly impacts LM students and district communities. All donations will be recognized on the school website, and donations within the following giving levels will be listed on a donor wall in the new school addition: $500+, $1,500+, $5,000+, $10,000+, $25,000+, and $50,000+

If you have any questions, please contact

LM Superintendent, Tom Nitschke 701-669-2261

or Foundation Contact, Sarah Gackle 651-262-3577